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Chris Harris

About Chris Harris

Following his graduation from the University of York with a joint Honours degree in Economics and Politics, Chris has passionately searched for ways of improving the legal sector through technology. During his time at Legal Marketing Services, Chris helped to modernize the company through efficient systems like the implementation of a conveyancing panel management solution and defining the original specification of STARS the LMS work management system.

Having founded The Practical Vision Network, Chris has driven his entrepreneurial desire to assist and defend the legal sector through a range of innovative products. Starting with the Today’s publications providing industry relevant news whilst connecting the sector, through to the trusted brand of Lawyer Checker offering vital protection from fraudulent property transactions, Chris is steadfast in ensuring the continued development and dynamic change to the conveyancing sector.

Chris recognises that there are a wide range of opinions in the sector and he wishes to maintain an editorial balance between the extremes of views that are often expressed in this sector. Whether you are a firm traditionalist or you love to embrace the changes that the market offers, your views are welcome.