Latest Innovations In The Will Writing Industry: Reducing RISK For You And Your Clients

We understand just how important it is to know that your choice of legal document drafting Software is both compliant and manages risk, particularly when inheritance levels are set to increase.

Countrywide Legacy is simply more than just legal document drafting software, it risk manages and audits the instruction taking and drafting process at every stage, ensuring that your business and your clients are given maximum protection.

In our next unmissable webinar, we will be revealing the latest innovations that are putting Countrywide Legacy at the forefront of the legal industry.

Here are just some of Countrywide Legacy’s features that assist in reducing risk, which we will be discussing in our next webinar:

Electronic point of sale documents

  • Automatically generate Terms of Business, Rights to Cancel & Receipt
  • Client specific and personalised your costs and company details

Red Crosses

  • When entering client instructions, if a required field is left incomplete, a red cross will appear informing you to complete the missed field before proceeding.
  • Ensures all users, no matter what training they have received, must follow a system thus enhancing the training given.

Warning Notices

  • Automatically issues warning notices on the screen to the instruction taker if the Will/legal document can be improved or where the client can benefit further.

Client Disclaimers

  • Intelligently identifies areas of concern and the implications in relation to the client’s estate planning (such as tax implications or the Residential Nil Rate Band is partially or completely lost), thus ensuring best practice is followed
  • The client confirms their understanding by electronically signing the Disclaimer, helping to mitigate the possibility of any future complaints against yourself.


  • Secure and tamper proof electronic signing for your clients

Document Preview

  • Preview legal documents being drafted in real time whilst taking client instructions, thus reducing the risk of any errors

Client Notes

  • Input notes directly into the Software when taking client instructions, which can be added directly into the Client Disclaimer for the client to read and confirm, providing transparency and further protection.

Electronic Direct Debits

  • Set up direct debits for your client’s storage and orders, directly from your software.

Estate Planning Reports

  • Includes financial summaries, Estate Planning recommendations and full Estate Planning reports

Larke v Nugus

  • Ensures you have all the information at your fingertips to answer a Larke v Nugus request
  • Allows you to respond to requests quickly and efficiently for clients with existing Wills
  • Ensures you are better prepared for clients with new Wills

Document Execution System

  • Details clients with documents waiting to be executed and clients with completed executed documents
  • Where possible, documents are executed with e-signatures providing an audit trail to refer to in the future

CRM System

  • Manage all of your client interactions, which will help you run your business more efficiently

Audit Trails

  • Our intelligent Software notifies you on any updates regarding your clients, enabling you to keep an accurate account of information which cannot be lost as it is safely secured electronically.

Multiple Trusts

Investment assignment into Trust and investment withdrawal from Trust

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