Cut Legal Firm Scanning Time

In an ever changing legal landscape, technological innovations are reshaping the industry. The opportunities and benefits that technology can bring to the marketplace can enhance the way your law firm works while meeting the demands of clients and improve standards of customer service.

Powered by Brother, Post Partner offers professional document scanning that will take the hassle, time and potential for error – as the scanned documents are sent directly to the correct electronic file straight from your desktop scanner.

In the fast moving and competitive world of legal services, you need to install smart technology that you can rely on to increase productivity and be as efficient as possible.

With thousands of documents making their way to your firm everyday, you need innovative scanning solutions that provide robust, accurate and secure processes as well as eradicating inadequacies in your business.

Brother Desktop scanners assist your business by digitising case documents quickly with precision, allowing for your teams to deal with other more valuable work.

Sharon Petford, Partner at Donn & Co LLP explains how the new technology has taken a fiddly, time-consuming task of scanning the daily post and placed it into a more streamlined and efficient process. 

She said:

“Previously, our assistants would spend vast amounts of time at a multi-function printer, that everyone in the firm wanted to use at the same time, scanning each piece of correspondence in manually. This process alone was time-consuming but add into the mix others wanting to use the printer or clients coming into reception meant the task took even longer than it needed to. The number of hours lost just doesn’t bear thinking about. After scanning the mail, the assistants then went to the computer, opened the files, re-named them and stored them in the correct folder.

“I estimate it’s made our scanning processes 50% faster. It saves a lot of fee earner and administration time, boosting our productivity here at Donn & Co”.

Do not drain your resources and waste time carrying out laborious scanning tasks. Implement Post Partner’s pioneering document scanning solution to cut time by up to 50 percent.

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