AI Not Enough To Counter Data Breaches Due To Human Error

According to US technology conglomerate Cisco, 99% of devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. While increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence counters a significant number of threats to personal data, human error is a greater risk than cyber criminals according to Hayes Connor Solicitors.

Kingsley Hayes, Managing Director at data breach and cyber security specialist Hayes Connor Solicitors, said:

“The use of technology is growing at a staggering pace with connectivity delivering fantastic global opportunities. The benefits of an increasingly digital world, however, brings with it an enhanced level of vulnerability to personal data.

“Many businesses and consumers will not be aware of the artificial intelligence working in the background to alert banks of unusual spending behaviour on accounts or on credit cards, reducing incidents of insurance fraud or detecting unusual peaks in patients’ medical files being accessed as just some examples.

“The majority of data breaches are simply down to human error which, in many cases, cannot be countered by the most sophisticated AI. There have been a significant number of high-profile data breaches in recent years including Equifax which found itself victim to a hacker affecting the personal data of up to 400,000 UK customers.

“While this breach was a result of a hack, it was entirely preventable had the business identified and addressed a web application vulnerability some two months earlier.

“The consequences of a data breach will not just impact the affected individual or organisation in terms of financial losses and psychological injury, but will also mean substantial damages to the business responsible for the breach.

“A recent survey found that 44% of Facebook users now have a negative view of the platform one year after it was discovered that 50 million users had their data harvested without consent by Cambridge Analytica.

“Cambridge Analytica subsequently went into administration while Facebook has lost £billions in its share price following the data breach.

“As more information is shared digitally, greater care needs to be taken to prevent data breaches from occurring in the first place and artificial intelligence is just one line of defence.”

Hayes Connor Solicitors is currently running its #notjusthackers campaign to raise awareness of data breaches resulting from simple human errors and the steps to take to prevent incidents.

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