Windows 7 – The Final Countdown

A new year, means a new start. However, for those of us who have returned to work after the Christmas break, discovering there is only a limited amount of time remaining for support for Windows 7 can be problematic.

As of the 14th January Microsoft will no longer be providing the technical support for the operating platform.

However, you don’t need to panic. Just because the support from Microsoft isn’t there, doesn’t mean your machine will stop working. It does mean however, that your systems are more prone to being infiltrated by cyber criminals, as the technical support will no longer aid you in patching any security issues you may have.

Jennifer Williams, Head of IT and Security Specialist at The Practical Vision Network, said: 

“It’s always tempting to continue to use old software, especially on computers that are infrequently used. However, the impact of exposing our business in this way is considerable. It isn’t worth scrimping on the cost.”

So what should I do?

It is recommended that you update your operating system to a newer version that is supported fully by Microsoft.

In 2017, the NHS was targeted by the Wannacry malware attack as a result of not updating their operating system from Windows XP to a newer version. The Department of Health said that the cyber attack cost the NHS £92m.

What will happen if I do nothing?

You could be one of the lucky ones that nothing happens to. However, you do run that risk of having a neon sign on your cyber system that will attract hackers no end.

Over this month we will explain some of the key areas where you are vulnerable to cyber attack, and what can be done to tighten up your defences.

We will look at: