Windows 7 Support Now Obsolete

The day has finally arrived that Microsoft stops delivering technical support for its operating platform Windows 7.

As we mentioned previously, if after today you’re running Windows 7, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to cyber criminals who can now exploit weaknesses in your outdated platform.

The advice of many in the IT community is to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 or later, just to ensure that you continue to receive regular updated technical support from Microsoft.

Jennifer Williams, Head of IT and Security Specialist at The Practical Vision Network, said:

“It’s always tempting to continue to use old software, especially on computers that are infrequently used. However, the impact of exposing your business in this way is considerable. It isn’t worth scrimping on the cost.”

However, January can be the hardest and seemingly longest month of the year when it comes to budgets, as people start to get back into the swing of things after Christmas, and the new financial year is on the horizon.

If the cash flow isn’t there in the initial instance to upgrade your platform. Meena Rajendran, Incident Responder in Cyber Security Incident Analysis at KPMG, has given hope to those who need to wait a little longer.

She said:

“Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7, however there will still be security updates available. However, people will have to do these manually as opposed to them automatically taking place.

“I think, we can expect more things to change from Windows 7 so that people will move to Windows 10, like they did with previous outdated platform versions.”

One of the main issues of not updating your operating platform, could result in cyber criminals holding your system to ransom – using a ransomware or malware attack.

This is what happened during the Wannacry attack on the NHS in 2017. Security patches weren’t manually updated and criminals exploited this to their advantage.