What Do You Think Are The Biggest Cyber Threats To Law Firms?

We’re only two months into a new decade, but already we’ve seen cyber criminals up to their old tricks, and picking up the mantle where they left off.

The most notable attack was that on the financial currency organisation Travelex, which is still suffering the repercussions of the ransomware attack which hit them on New Year’s Eve.

We’ve also featured the ‘Top 10 Frauds of the 2010s’ in two parts (Part 1 and Part 2), and unfortunately, we can see history repeating itself. Cyber criminals continue to use tried and tested methods to infiltrate organisations and/or convince individuals to part with personal data or money.

In a bid to tackle this growing sector of cyber criminality the UK’s cyber security sector is said to be worth £8.3billion as experts and companies attempt to find solutions to stem the problem.

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