US Maritime Base Suffers Cyber Attack

A ransomware attack forced a US maritime base to go offline for more than a day, according to the US Coast Guard (USCG). 

The virus, which they believe was sent as a malicious email link, interrupted cameras, door access control systems and critical monitoring systems at the site, which agency officials are keeping under wraps. 

The USCG issued a security bulletin, urging other bases to take preventative measures. The bulletin stated: 

“Once the embedded malicious link in the email was clicked by an employee, the ransomware allowed for a threat actor to access significant enterprise information technology (IT) network files, and encrypt them, preventing the facility’s access to critical files. 

“The virus further burrowed into the industrial control systems that monitor and control cargo transfer and encrypted files critical to process operations.” 

This cyber attack was reported a few days after the Austrian foreign ministry also reported falling victim to a cyber attack.  

These attacks go to show that cyber criminals don’t discriminate when they attempt to infiltrate organisations through malicious means. What steps do you have in place to ensure your firm doesn’t fall foul of a cyber attack?