UK Businesses Peppered With Malicious Attacks Every 50 Seconds

On average, cyber criminals attempted to attack UK businesses every 50 seconds in the second quarter of 2019.

Between April and June this year, UK businesses were victims of 146,491 attempted cyber attacks, according to independent business internet service provider Beaming.

In the three months to the end of June, internet attacks increased by 179% when compared with quarter two statistics from 2018 when businesses were only targeted 52,596 times on average.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices made up the bulk of the most frequently targeted applications. In total, 17,737 attempted attacks were launched at IoT devices.

Similarly, between April and June, 10,192 cyber crime attempts were made on file sharing services as criminals looked for vulnerabilities wherever precious and sensitive data was stored.

One in seven (52,860) attacks were traced to a variety of unique IP addresses in China whilst 371,080 unique IP addresses were used to launch online cyber attacks against UK businesses during this time. In particular, regions most likely to launch cyber attacks were USA, Egypt, Brazil, Taiwan and China.

Sonia Blizzard, Managing Director of Beaming, commented:

“The rate at which UK businesses are attacked online has soared over the last year and companies large and small are under sustained attack from hackers around the world. The majority of cyber attacks on businesses are indiscriminate, malicious code that trawls the web seeking to exploit any weak point in cyber security systems. A single breach can be catastrophic to those involved.

“We do lots at a network level to minimise the threat of online attacks, but businesses need to take the threat seriously, educate employees and put in place measures such as managed firewalls to ensure they don’t expose themselves to undue risk. We are spending more time than ever working with customers to help improve their resilience to attack.”

Are the devices in your law firm secure from cyber threats? Have you encountered an increase in attempted cyber attacks in 2019?