Sure Employee Bank Details Stolen in Cyber Attack

Hundreds of employees from the mobile phone company, Sure, have been the victim of a targeted phishing attack, resulting in the theft of bank and personal details.

Fewer than 400 employees from the telecoms firm in the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey are said to have been affected.

The cyber incident saw criminals seize names, addresses, account numbers and sort codes.

The company if one of the main mobile and broadband providers on the island and stress no customer information has been compromised.

The attack is thought to have come in via an email to a member of staff, and human error saw that team member take the bait resulting in a successful phishing attack.

Phishing attacks are becoming more prevalent in every aspect of society. This is because they’re so successful and criminals are able to get away with more than enough information to sell on for whatever price they choose.

Ensuring you have a positive cyber hygiene culture in your workplace could be the difference between your organisation being the next one on the end of the hook.

Would your employees recognise a phishing attack? Would they know what to do if they got a suspicious email?