Over 40% Of UK Organisations Feel Networks Are Helpless To Attack

Almost half of UK organisations believe they are helpless in preventing cyber criminals from attacking their networks despite the quality of the cyber security defences put in place.

According to a recent survey of over 1,000 global organisations, carried out by CyberArk, too many UK organisations are naive to the threats facing their business.

whilst many organisations are beginning to integrate cyber policies to protect their sensitive information, too few recognise the real dangers.

UK organisations still fear the many highly documented risks, often overlooking the more nuanced threats. For example, 74% are worried by hackers, 57% perceive the real threat to be organised crime, 46% are worried by hacktivists and 42% view privileged insiders to be a real threat to their business.

Despite so many business leaders worried about employee access to privileged access areas, only 46% had created a privileged access security strategy to protect cloud infrastructures and critical applications.

Although devices can be vulnerable to attack, only 20% of organisations had a strategy for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Rich Turner, SVP EMEA, CyberArk, said:

“These findings are sober reading for businesses and cyber security practitioners. Despite the vast sums being spent on cyber security, it’s clear that businesses have very little confidence in their ability to defend themselves from cyber attacks, protect their most critical assets, or their value creation activities.

“UK businesses need to be on the front foot with security, know what is most valuable to them, how it may be attacked and how to protect it while ensuring their cyber-strategy supports collaboration and innovation.

“Proactive cybersecurity strategies have to be implemented wherever critical data and assets live, specifically to manage and secure the privileged credentials that are fundamental to their operation. This is the most valuable step security teams can take to support wider business initiatives in today’s digital economy.”

Are you amongst the 40% of UK organisations worried about cyber attackers?