New Council Aims To Make UK A Global Leader In Cyber Security

The government has announced the creation of of a new UK Cyber Security Council to develop a skilled workforce to tackle the ever-rising threat levels.

The most important component of a strong national capability is attracting proficient talent to work in both government and industry. With a budget of £2.5 million the Council will take on the job of building this capability. Objectives include:

  • Appointing ambassadors to promote careers in cyber security to a diverse audience;
  • Relaunching the CyberFirst brand to bring coherence to the governments cyber security skills offering;
  • Continued investment in cyber security capability across all age groups to start developing the next batch of trained professionals;
  • Ensuring there is a clear pathway to a successful career in cyber security;
  • Ensuring the right education and training is in place, plus implementing methods of identifying new talent;
  • Ensuring the UK’s workforce in all sectors has sufficient knowledge to manage cyber security risk and create a secure digital economy;
  • To ensure the UK remains a global leader in cyber security.

The government is asking for views on its cyber security skills strategy to help shape and refine its work. Comments can be made here with a closing date of midday on Friday, 1st March.

The Council will build on initiatives already in place, including Cyber Discovery, a programme designed to encourage young people to consider a career in cyber security.

The Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund aims to increase training in the UK with the hope that increased security awareness will spread to all sectors of the economy. Government and industry are therefore collaborating closely to shut down the growing threat to business and infrastructure. The new Council’s aim is to supply the necessary talent to keep the UK at the forefront of cyber security.

Margot James, Minister for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said: “Making sure we have a skilled cyber security workforce now and for the future is not only central to our national security but is also fundamental to the UK becoming the world’s best digital economy. This strategy alongside the creation of an independent UK Cyber Security Council will be the next step in equipping our growing and vibrant cyber security sector with the expertise it needs for years to come.”

Where do you think the biggest cyber security problems will arise? Is the government doing enough to combat the growing threat?

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