Microsoft Windows 7 U-Turn

Microsoft performed a u-turn last week as they issued a fresh security patch for the ‘unsupported’ Windows 7.

Microsoft officially ended its technical support for the outdated platform, on 14th January 2020. However, the software giant said there was a bug in its ‘final’ patch which resulted in the ageing software receiving its final final update.

The previous fix caused wallpaper issues for those users who configured their computers with the stretch option for their desktop computer’s background. This meant that when Windows was restarted the screen turned black.

Graham Cluley, Security Consultant, tweeted:

“That didn’t take long. Microsoft backs down on ‘no more updates for Windows 7’ in order to fix stretched wallpaper bug.”

Originally, Microsoft were only going to issue the fix to those users who had subscribed to its extended security updates (ESU) program.

However, as users took to Reddit and Microsoft’s own forums demanding they fix the issue immediately, the software giant u-turned and decided to roll the fix out to all of its users.

A Microsoft statement said:

“We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release, which will be released to all customers running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 SP1.”

It is said that one in four Windows users are still running the outdated operating platform, which is leaving them open to risks from cyber criminals attempting to find easy ways to access cyber infrastructures.

Only those users signed up to the ESU program will continue to receive updates. However, security experts are advising those that are running Windows 7 to update to Windows 10 as a minimum.