Even Microsoft Are Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks!

Microsoft has confirmed that its email infrastructure was hacked in recent months.

Cyber criminality has exploded in recent years. It seems that even the most sophisticated organisations, swarmed with experts in cyber security and computer technology, are vulnerable to attack.

Microsoft confirmed that a cyber criminal or cyber criminal gang broke into a customer support account which enabled them to access customer information and email account details.

Of the Microsoft affiliated email service providers (ESP), a large number of Outlook, MSN and Hotmail accounts were vulnerable to the attack although Office365 remained unscathed.

A swathe of sensitive information including contact names, main email content, contacts and subject lines were stolen.

In addition to the serious breach from a main stream ESP like Microsoft, recent reports have found that the UK is being bombarded with more internet-borne cyber attacks than ever before.

According to the business Internet Service Provider (ISP), Beaming, on average, all UK businesses were battered by 119,659 cyber attacks in the opening quarter of 2019.

Overall, this means that UK businesses are being attacked once a minute; this equates to more than double the 53,981 attacks in the opening quarter of 2018.

It was found that remotely controlled internet of things (IoT) applications were targeted more than anything else within a business, with 201 attacks per day. Similarly, file sharing services were also vulnerable to 114 attempted cyber attacks per day.

Sonia Blizzard, Beaming Managing Director, said:

“Cyber attacks continue to be a clear and present danger to UK businesses and the IT infrastructure they rely on. Business leaders should be wary, the rate of attack has been at historically high levels since October last year. Since we started tracking cyber attack activity just over three years ago we’ve come to expect that businesses will be attacked around 20,000 times a month on average. At the moment we are seeing twice that level of malicious activity online.”

“While there is plenty that we can do at a network level to minimise the threat of online attacks, businesses need to take cyber security seriously, educate employees and put in place security measures such as managed firewalls to ensure they don’t expose themselves to undue risk.”

When law firms are subjected to cyber threats on an unparalleled level, it has never been more important to ensure the security and protection of all business data, client data and the protection of third-parties.

Does your law firm use any of the ESPs affected in recent attacks? Are you prepared for cyber attacks?