Microsoft Help Take Down Zombie Bots

Microsoft has revealed it was part of a team which was used to take down an international network of zombie bots, which had infected over nine million computers, in one of the world’s largest botnets.

Necurs, the name of the botnet network, were behind criminal scams which involved stealing private personal information and sending fake emails from pharmacies.

What are botnets?

Botnets are a weapon in the cyber criminal’s arsenal which enables them to hijack internet connected devices and then install malicious software. This software can then send private information about the user to the cyber criminal and enable them to send spam emails as a result.

How do I know if my computer is infected with malware?

Some of the tell-tale signs your computer has malware on it are:

  • Programs begin to operate more slowly or take longer to open
  • The computer regularly crashed and needs to be rebooted
  • Space on a computer’s hard drive fills up without warning
  • Spam emails are sent to contacts from your account

Don’t ignore these issues. Speak to your IT team who will be able to check your computer’s healthcare, and act accordingly.