Met Police Targeted By Hackers

It appeared that the Metropolitan Police had their website and social media accounts hacked on Friday 19th July 2019.

A series of bizarre messages were sent out via Twitter to the Force’s followers who were perplexed by the subject matter, which contained offensive language.

It also transpired that a series of emails was sent from their press bureau late on Friday night.

A Met spokesman said the force was working to establish exactly what happened.

Cyber attacks can have a devastating impact on the organisation that is affected. Whether it comes at a financial cost or a reputational cost, it can take a lot of time for the public to rebuild that trust with the brand that this won’t happen again.

Cyber criminals are becoming more empowered, they’re targeting big names companies demonstrating that no-one is untouchable.

With only 26% of IT teams (research by Sophos)  having the time to spend on cyber security, the criminals are taking advantage of this and are running riot.

The question is, who else will be targeted by the cyber criminals?

Are there more cyber attacks happening? Or are more just being reported in the media?