Legal Software Suppliers Association Appoint New Chair

The organisation responsible for maintaining professional standards within the legal software industry has recently appointed a new chair person.

Craig Matthews, CEO of Pracctice Ltd has been appointed as the new chair of the Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA).

The appointment was made official at the association’s recent Annual General Meeting for 2019.

Craig Matthews has now taken over from Julian Bryan of Quill who served as Chair for over three years.

The LSSA is the UK’s industry body for legal systems developers and vendors with links to a number of legislative bodies including the Land Registry, HMRC, The Law Society and the Court Service.

The LSSA remains committed to ‘developing clear channels of communication, so that law firms can gain the maximum benefit from their selected software solutions’.

Craig Matthews, incoming LSSA Chair comments:

“I am proud to be appointed as chair of the LSSA and look forward to building on the excellent work achieved by Julian Bryan. We aim to deepen our relationships with The Law Society, the Solicitors Regulation Authority and government bodies such as HMRC to facilitate the acceptance of new technologies in the legal market, bringing efficiencies and cost savings to law firms. The LSSA will continue to be a major force in shaping the future of legal technology in the UK.”