Hundreds Of Emails Sent To Wrong Recipients Monthly

Sending an email to the wrong person can be the monster under the bed, when it comes to sending emails in a professional capacity.

Recent research released by Tessian has revealed that employees in large enterprises send on average 136 emails per week to the wrong person.

The figures reveal that poor data practices are still common, even with the introduction of the GDPR legislation in May 2018.

Tessian analysed data from its global network of clients. They claimed that for companies that have 10,000 employees or more, corporate data is sent to unauthorised or personal email accounts nearly 200,000 times a year.

Businesses which house 1,000 employees saw their figure drop to 20,000, whilst small-to-medium businesses fell to 5,000.

Not surprisingly, the issue has been attributed to human error, with Tim Sadler, CEO for Tessian, saying:

“Everyone has an email blunder story. After all, the average worker spends over a third of their working-week on email, so mistakes are bound to happen. But we’re seeing serious repercussions beyond just embarrassment over cc-ing in the wrong person – more people are exposing personal and corporate data.

“These mistakes could see your data falling into the wrong hands and your company facing the regulator’s wrath under GDPR.”

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? How have you rectified this situation?