Guilty Plea Submitted By Hacker

A Russian cyber criminal has pleaded guilty to running an illegal online market place, which specialised in selling stolen financial details to other criminals.

The criminals who then bought the financial data, went on to spend $20m.

Aleksei Burkov, 29, was arrested in Israel in December 2015, and was extradited to the US in 2019, after previously having his extradition approved by an Israeli District Court in 2017. The delay in extradition was as a result of Mr Burkov appealing to the Israeli Supreme Court and Israeli High Court of Justice, all appeals were denied.

Mr Burkov, admitted before a Court in the United States, of running the Cardplanet website, targeting US citizens.

According to the Associated Press, Mr Burkov offered a money-back guarantee to his criminal customers if the stolen details no longer worked.

At the hearing, he also admitted to running a more exclusive cyber criminal website, which operated on an invite only policy where elite cyber criminals could advertise their stolen wares and services – such as malicious software, money laundering and hacking services.

The Eastern District of Virginia US Attorney’s Office said:

“To obtain membership in Burkov’s cyber crime forum, prospective members needed three existing members to ‘vouch’ for their good reputation amongst cyber criminals and to provide a sum of money, normally $5,000 as insurance.

“These measures were designed to keep law enforcement from accessing Burkov’s cyber crime forum and to ensure that members of the forum honoured any deals made while conducting business on the forum.”

He is currently awaiting sentencing, which is scheduled for 8th May.