Government Need To Place More Emphasis On Cyber Security

According to a report ministers within parliament are failing to act adequately to the increasing sophistication of cyber crime in the UK and this could lead to breaches of the UK’s critical national infrastructure (CNI).

The report has insisted that Theresa May should bring in a cyber security minister to the cabinet in a bid to place more emphasis on cyber security and improve a national resilience to cyber threats.

Fears have mounted after many countries have viewed cyber attacks as a modern warfare tactic. The world has witnessed countries like Russia increasing their ability to disturb other nations using cyber attacks and the UK needs to be more prepared for this in the future.

The report also highlighted a need for ministers to oversee that board member operators in the private sector place more impetus into the issue by solidifying a more focused understanding of cyber threats within their organisations.

The joint committee on national security strategy report, made up of senior MPs and peers, said: “It appears that the government is reluctant to move more forcefully and, by default, continues to rely on market forces to improve operators’ cyber resilience, despite recognising the previous failure of this approach.”

Margaret Beckett: The committee’s chair, the former foreign secretary, said: “We are struck by the absence of political leadership at the centre of government in responding to this top-tier national security threat.

“Too often in our past the UK has been ill-prepared to deal with emerging risks. The government should be open about our vulnerability and rally support for measures which match the gravity of the threat to our critical national infrastructure.”

An MP Spokesperson commented on the report, claiming: “While we applaud the aspiration, it appears the government is not delivering on it with a meaningful sense of purpose or urgency,”

“Identifiable political leadership is lacking. There is little evidence to suggest a ‘controlling mind’ at the centre of government, driving change consistently across the many departments and CNI sectors involved.

“We are concerned that the current complex arrangements for ministerial responsibility mean that day-to-day oversight of cross-government efforts is, in reality, led by officials, with ministers only occasionally ‘checking in’.

“This is wholly inadequate to the scale of the task facing the government, and inappropriate in view of the government’s own assessment that major cyber-attacks are a top-tier national security threat.”

At a time when the Prime Minister and her cabinet are engaged in a game of political Twister, May would be hard pressed to add an additional member to the cabinet which could imply that this issue will be placed firmly on the back-burner.

Do you think that the government need to place greater emphasis on cyber security prevention? Do you consider your law firm vulnerable to cyber attacks?