Google Cracks Down On Disruptive Advertising Apps

Google has set the bar for developers who create apps for their Android market place, by removing almost 600 apps from their Play Store.

The reasoning behind the tech giant’s move is said to be because the apps violated Google’s disruptive advertising policy, which was discovered by the company’s artificial intelligence.

To prevent developers from finding alternate ways to make money, it has also banned the apps from Google AdMob and AdManger.

According to Google’s disruptive ad practise, the hundreds of apps remove displayed “out of context” advertising which results in adverts “popping up” when the user isn’t logged into or using the app.

Per Bjorke, Senior Product Manager for Ad Traffic Quality, said:

“This is an invasive manoeuvre that results in poor user experience that often disrupts key device functions and this approach can lead to unintentional ad click that waste advertiser spend.

“For example, imagine being unexpectedly served a full-screen ad when you attempt to make a phone call, unlock your phone or while using your favourite map app’s turn by turn navigation.

“Mobile ad fraud is an industrywide challenge that can appear in many different forms with a variety of methods, ad it has the potential to harm users, advertisers and publishers.”

The tech giant is doing all it can to try and protect its community from mobile fraud, whether through advertising or by attempting to block malicious apps from entering its Play Store.

But as with the nature of the cyber security game, for every solution that is found, multiple more infiltration methods spring up.