Fraud Reporting Is Over 320,000 incidents

Fraud is an ever-increasing blight on society, and one that can have a detrimental impact on the lives and businesses of those it touches.

A recent report conducted by Cifas, revealed that this menace resulted in over 324,000 incidents were recorded last year.

The ‘Fraudscape’ 2019 report, showed that identity theft was at an all time high, rising by 8%, making it rise to 58% overall with all age demographics being targeted.

87% of identity fraud was committed online, 26% against the younger generation and 34% affecting the over 60s.

The Report claims:

“Online use was blamed for a large part of the rise, especially for the elderly, more of whom are using the internet at home.

“Younger victims’ large social media presence also exposes them to the risk of scams.”

With cyber criminals finding newer and bolder ways to get hold of people’s identities, commandeer systems and hijack business accounts, it’s imperative that organisations are taking the risks they pose seriously and start to beef up their cyber security.

The full Cifas report is available here.

How would your organisation fair if your systems were breached by a cyber criminal?