Facebook Suffer Hack Attack

Last week, hacking group OurMine, ‘took over’ the social media giant’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

After accessing the accounts, the hackers left a misleading message implying that Facebook itself had been hacked.

The group posted the message:

“Hi, We are OurMine. Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security is better than Twitter.”

The post went on to give the group’s website and email addresses, inviting Facebook to get in touch “to improve your accounts [sic] security.”

The group even posted their logo on the social media channels to rub salt in the wound of the social media giant.

Twitter confirmed that Friday’s hack occurred via a third party and that Facebook’s account was locked once Twitter had been alerted to the issue.

OurMine has form for committing these stunts. Previous hacks they’ve claimed responsibility for include Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s and Google Chief Exec Sundar Pichai’s Twitter accounts as well as the corporate accounts for ESPN and Netflix.