Estate Agents Are Phished

Cyber criminals have been attempting to infiltrate the property market from a different angle this week.

A warning has been issued to estate agents, after many received a fraudulent email claiming to be from the agents’ selling portal, in an attempt to con them into handing over business information which included log in and password details.

The savvy estate agents in question weren’t fooled. They noticed discrepancies in the email, and some contacted their portal provider to see if the emails were legit.

Due to the amount of prospective home buyers and sellers who use portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, it makes them susceptible to ‘mimic emails’ usually informing the estate agent their account will be suspended if some action isn’t taken.

The advice being given to the sector is to ignore the instructions in the email. If you are concerned contact the portal in question and they’ll be able to confirm the legitimacy of the email request.

If you’ve received any suspicious communications, you can report them to Action Fraud, the trade body or the portal they appear to come from.