The End Of Windows 7 Is Nigh

Windows 7 has only 3 months left of extended support from firm Microsoft, as the January 14th 2020 deadline looms closer.

What does this mean?

The fact that Microsoft are removing their support for Windows 7, doesn’t mean that on 14th January your computer won’t work.

It’ll just mean that your computer will be more prone to security risks and viruses as Microsoft will no longer send any software or security updates.

If you have any technical issues, Microsoft won’t support you in this area either, so you’ll have to resolve your issues yourself.

Cyber criminals take advantage of people not updating their operating system, so they can infiltrate your network and attack your cyber infrastructure.

Jennifer Williams, Head of IT and Security Specialist at The Practical Vision Network said:

“It’s always tempting to continue to use old software, especially on computers that are infrequently used, however the impact of exposing our business in this way is considerable. It isn’t worth scrimping on the cost.”

So what should I do?

It is recommended that you update your operating system to a newer version, that is supported fully by Microsoft. This way you will receive all of the updates and technical support required to add an extra layer of security between you and cyber criminals.