Directors More Likely To Risk Data

Having a positive cyber culture embedded throughout your organisation is a common theme that I write about for Today’s Legal Cyber Risk.

Everyone from the cleaner to the Chief Executive Officer should embrace policies and procedures when it comes to ensuring your organisation stays cyber secure.

However, as work forces have become more mobile, with people working on planes, trains and in automobiles, as well as from home, the policies and procedures around cyber security can hit somewhat of a grey area.

Research conducted by Egress has shown that those members higher up in the organisational hierarchy tend to take more cyber risks. Their data showed that 78% of company directors have intentionally shared company data against company policy over the past 12 months. In the same period only 10% of clerical staff had made the same error.

Intentional data breaches have occurred as a result of senior members of the organisation leaving and sending useful information to their new employer. 46% of those asked by Egress had admitted they or a colleague they knew had done this.

The underlying tone of the Egress report found that:

“director-level staff took more risks, setting the wrong tone for data protection.”

Setting up a blanket policy which outlines what departing employees can and cannot do prior to leaving will help to stem the flow of these data breaches. Also enabling IT departments to be able to check what information is being sent out from the organisation will help to educate people on data leaks.