Cyber Criminals Attempt Millions of Breaches On British Council

A recent freedom of information (FoI) request has revealed that the British Council – who is responsible for promoting the wider knowledge of the UK and English language in over 100 countries – blocked a total of 10,336,631 malicious emails last year.

Over 190,000 of those emails that were intercepted, contained various forms of malware, Trojan horses and ransomware. All of which, if successfully executed, could have had a detrimental impact on the organisation.

The FoI also revealed that the British Council had also blocked over 14,000 suspected phishing emails. 10,132,159 emails which were intercepted as it believed they contained viruses were logged as spam.

Tim Dunton, Managing Director at Nimbus Hosting, the organisation which submitted the FoI, said:

“These figures are another reminder that cyber criminals will continually bombard organisations with scam emails, hoping to trick employees into handing over private data, to breach the organisation’s security systems or steal personal information. All it takes is for one hoax email to fall through an email systems’ imperfect filtration system before an organisation must face the consequences of a severe breach of customer information.”

As these figures and the comment from Mr Dunton suggest, cyber criminals don’t just try once and give up. They continually attempt to infiltrate an organisation until they are successful. Ensuring you have the necessary cyber security in place will help to keep the cyber criminals at bay.