Cyber Attack Takes Down Global Company For Five Days

A ransomware attack was said to be the reason facilities company ISS World’s website was taken offline.

The facilities company, which employees over half a million employees worldwide delivering cleaning, catering, security and other services not only to the UK, but across the globe, took five days to recover from the attack.

The attack occurred on 17th February and all systems were said to have been restored by Friday 21st February. However, during the ‘downtime’ the 43,000 employees in London’s Canary Wharf and Weybridge HQ in Surrey, lost access to their emails.

The recovery efforts were led from the company’s HQ in Denmark, where teams of cyber security experts were working with the Danish police to get a grip on the attack. The UK’s National Crime Agency were also involved to assess the impact this attack had on the UK arm of the business.

Restoring the systems took time, however five days doesn’t seem to be that long. However, what recent cyber attacks that have hit the headlines have demonstrated to us, is that hackers are now starting to target the ‘big players’ with their ransomware and malware attacks, in the hope of walking away with a larger pay load.

Organisations are starting to become more savvy, though. The attack on the financial currency organisation Travelex demonstrated that working to take control of your systems instead of bowing down to the hacker’s demands, may take time, but in the long run it’s probably better for your company.