Cyber Attack Hits Carnival Corp

Princess Cruises and the Holland America Line, both run by Carnival Corp have revealed they were victims of a cyber attack in May 2019.

Investigations revealed that a hacker had gained access to a large amount of personal information including passport numbers and credit card information of guests and staff.

Princess Cruises released a statement at the start of March 2020 saying:

“It had identified a series of deceptive emails sent to employees resulting in unauthorised third-party access to some employee email accounts.”

Once they became aware of the attack, the two liners reassured all interested parties that they acted quickly to contain the attack and prevent further breaches.

In a joint statement, both Princess Cruises and the Holland America Line, said:

“[They had brought in] a major cyber security firm to investigate the matter while reinforcing security and privacy protocols to further protect systems and information.”

Although it’s unsure how many people have been affected by the incident, investigators have found no evidence that the data has been mis-used.

This is another blow to Princess Cruises, as its recently hit the headlines for a different reason. Its ship, Diamond Princess was in the middle of the coronavirus COVID-19 media storm whilst it was moored off Japan.