COVID-19 Emails Dupe Council Workers

A local council are amongst the first to emerge in the UK and claim their IT systems have been compromised as a result of cyber criminals using the current Corona virus pandemic.

It has been revealed that a Rotherham Council employee clicked on a link in a phishing email, with the subject “COVID-19”.

Luke Sayers, Assistant Director for Customer, Information and Digital Services, said:

“A member of staff unintentionally clicked on an internet link in a spam email which resulted in some automatic emails being generated.

“No data or information was compromised, and this issue was quickly resolved.”

Middlesbrough Council’s IT department cautioned staff to report emails from the authority “immediately”.

Middlesborough Council’s IT Department issued this advice:

“Criminal organisations are taking the opportunity to exploit the outbreak of the coronavirus”.

“If you receive any emails from Rotherham Council with subjects such as ‘Payroll Adjustment’ and ‘COVID-19’ can you inform ICT immediately,” staff were told.

“Do not attempt to open it or click on any links contained within.”

As we’re all starting to adjust to this new way of working, it pays to be wary of the fact cyber criminals will turn any situation to their advantage.

Don’t click on links in emails that you’re uncertain of, and always check who has sent you the email.