Computer Organisation Dell Exposed To Cyber Attack

Computer and technology  giants Dell have announced that its online stores were victims of a serious data breach in the first half of November.

Luckily, security specialists within the firm detected an intruder before a significant hack could succeed. Customer information such as names, addresses and passwords were targeted during the intrusion.

Dell has since released a statement reassuring customers that the hack was prevented and passwords have been changed in accordance with their cyber security measures.

Despite the prevented breach, the company has been criticised for delaying the release of the attack to its users.

Passwords were reset on November 14th, six days after the initial attack on November 9th. Although the hackers failed to obtain card details of customers, many feel that more should have been done sooner to inform users so they could ensure their details were secure.

A Dell Press Release announced: “That on November 9, 2018, it detected and disrupted unauthorised activity on its network attempting to extract customer information, which was limited to names, email addresses and hashed passwords.

“Though it is possible some of this information was removed from Dell’s network, our investigations found no conclusive evidence that any was extracted. Additionally, Dell cyber security measures are in place to limit the impact of any potential exposure. These include the hashing of our customers’ passwords and a mandatory password reset. Credit card and other sensitive customer information was not targeted. The incident did not impact any Dell products or services.

“Upon detection of the attempted extraction, Dell immediately implemented countermeasures and initiated an investigation. Dell also retained a digital forensics firm to conduct an independent investigation and has engaged law enforcement.

“In this age of highly sophisticated information security threats, Dell is committed to doing all it can to protect customers’ information. This includes encouraging customers to change passwords for other accounts if they use the same password for their account. Dell will continue to invest in its information technology networks and security to detect and prevent the risk of unauthorised activity.”

Whilst this should be seen as a triumph for a company preventing a significant data theft, the incident has only highlighted the huge vulnerabilities within all organisations, even those with vast cyber security budgets.


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