BFEG Ask For Thoughts On LFR

Live facial recognition (LFR) technology has been hitting the headlines recently. Including the top dog at the Met defending their position on using the technology following a number of terrorist attacks in the capital.

Now, the Biometrics and Forensic Ethics group (BFEG) is seeking evidence to enable it to investigate the ethical issues surrounding LFR technology, in collaboration between police forces and private entities.

The BFEG are seeking evidence from the following groups of people:

  • Manufacturers of LFR technology
  • Public and private sector users of LFR technology
  • Past users, or potential future users of LFR technology, such as councils, land owners and police or security forces

The BFEG has already gathered information from civil liberties groups and regulators, and is asking for no further comments from these groups of people.

If you’d like to provide oral or written evidence to the consultation, email [email protected] and provide a brief description of the organisation you represent, and the type of information you can provide on the use of LFR technology in collaborations between police forces and private entities.

The deadline for submission of evidence is 17th April 2020.

An evidence gathering event, focusing on the technology and its users is being held on the 30th April in central London. You can contact the BFEG if you’d like to attend. Please note that attendance at this event is by registration only and spaces are limited.